Terms and Conditions

Please make sure you read the terms and conditions properly. Once you have signed the booking form, you are acknowledging and accepting the terms and conditions outlined in this contract. All of the provided information is given for your safety and security; it would be best if you familiarize yourself with this information. By using our services, you acknowledge and agree that you will follow these terms and conditions as well as any rules applicable to this policy.

1) Booking and Deposit Information

To confirm the tour, the client will have to immediately sign our Terms and Conditions and pay a non-refundable booking fee. The non-refundable booking fee is due to start the booking process officially. Once the documentation and the funds are received, we will issue an invoice for the deposit that is due after 7 days. When the deposit is received, this contract has gone into effect, and your booking has been set. The final balance is due 90 days before departure. 

Please note, we are a facilitator, and our partners reserve the right to refuse bookings for any reason. 

2) Booking Confirmation 

Upon receiving your signed booking form, please inspect it carefully to make sure that all of the information is accurate and complete. If you find an error in your booking form, please contact us immediately so we can fix it, as there is a very short window of time in which changes can be made. If we have not received notice of confirmation issues within 7 days of the receipt being sent, we will assume that all the information is accepted as correct. After 7 days we may not be able to make changes to your booking. Any changes that can be made outside the 7-day window may be assessed as a booking change fee. 

3) Payments

Current prices and services are detailed on the rates provided, as contracted, and are quoted in USD. Final quote, subject to accommodation availability and exchange rates at the date of the booking. v-adventures LLC expressly reserves the right to amend prices quotations in the event of unforeseen increases in supplier tariffs, taxes or other Government levies, tourism levies, fuel prices, other taxes of whatever nature or other factors beyond its control.

All quotations are valid only to the expiring date stated in the quotation and are subject to adjustment if the services quoted are not available at the time of booking. Quotations are based on itineraries and requirements specified by the client. Upon acceptance, any amendments requested by the client or traveler, which incur extra costs, are for the clients or travelers’ accounts, as the case may be.

Payments are only accepted in US Dollars (USD), and by wire transfers.

The full payment for your tour, including any extra costs, taxes, and fees, is due 90 days prior to departure. If your trip was scheduled less than 90 days prior to departure, your total payment is due immediately. If we do not receive payment in full by the indicated date, we reserve the right to cancel your tour or release the provisional bookings to other clients.

4) Children Policy

A child of 12 years will be charged the full adult per person rate on all services provided.

5) Customer Responsibilities

By booking our services, you agree to accept the decisions made by our company, and any other affiliates of our company while you are on the trip. If at any time an authoritative person believes that your health, safety, or conduct are in danger or will put another person in danger, they may exclude you from certain parts of the trip, or in some cases, the entire trip. If this happens, you are not entitled to a refund or any other form of compensation.

6) Unforeseeable Circumstances

In the instance of unforeseeable circumstances were to occur that will interfere with your tour, we cannot be held responsible for these conditions, or pay any compensation for the inconvenience. These types of circumstances are things that are out of our control, such as wars, extreme weather, civil unrest, terrorist activity, fire, pandemic, and other similar unavoidable events of this nature.  

7) Cancellation Policy

7.1) Regular Cancellation Policy

All cancellation notices must be given in writing and signed by the person who booked the tour. 

    • The Booking Fee and the Deposit are fully non-refundable 
    • Balance: between 120 and 45 days before the departure, a credit note will be issued
    • 44 days or less: loss of the full amount

Foreign currency-based supplier rates can fluctuate relative to the US dollar and may result in a price increase to the final invoice. Airfare quotes are estimates only and are subject to change until tickets are issued. Ticketed airfares are non-refundable.

If payment costs have not been paid in full before you canceled, then a cancellation charge will be levied against you, even if the customer has purchased insurance that protects against cancellations. It will then become the clients’ responsibility to collect money directly from the clients’ insurance company. 

Your flights have to be paid in full in the deposit, and they are non-refundable. In case of cancellations, it will then become the responsibility of the client to collect money directly from the clients’ insurance company.

7.2) COVID-19 Special Cancellation Policies

7.2.1) Official COVID-19 Travel Ban Declaration

These Special Cancellation Policies are applicable in case of a COVID-19 travel ban declared by the WHO (World Health Organization https://www.who.int/) or the US Department of State Advisory (https://www.state.gov/coronavirus/), in the dates the client is traveling.

These policies are applicable for all new bookings unless differently stated and signed by the client in the Booking Confirmation, or unless other different situations, due to circumstances beyond our control, may occur, and we reserve the right to do this. 

7.2.2) New bookings, departure until December 31st, 2020

    • Booking fee: not refundable
    • Deposit: credit voucher, for the full value of the deposit, between 120 and 15 days before departure
    • Balance: credit note, between 120 and 15 days before departure
    • From 14 days prior to departure, loss of the full amount

7.2.3) New bookings, departure between January 1st, and June 30th, 2021

    • Booking fee: not refundable
    • Deposit: credit voucher, between 120 and 45 days before departure
    • Balance: credit note, between 120 and 30 days before departure
    • From 29 days prior to departure, loss of the full amount

7.2.4) New bookings, departure between July 1st, and December 31st, 2021

    • Booking fee: not refundable
    • Deposit: credit voucher for the full value of the deposit, between 120 and 60 days before departure
    • Balance: credit note, between 120 and 45 days before departure
    • From 44 days prior to departure, loss of the full amount

8) Changes

No refund will be issued for any unused accommodation, tours, activities, meals, services, or means of transport, including the cancellation of domestic and regional air tickets. 

If any changes to your tour need to be made before the departure date, we reserve the right to charge a $250 fee per alteration. If you make changes to your tour after it has already begun, we will consider it a breach of your contract, and the rest of your services will not be refunded. If required, we will help the client plan changes, and services will be charged. 

9) Alterations By Us

In some instances, it may become necessary for us to make changes to your tour due to circumstances beyond our control, and we reserve the right to do this. Most of the changes that need to be made are small and will have little to no effect on the quality of your trip. But when a significant change needs to be made before the departure date, we are aware that this may affect your plans. These types of changes can include a downgrade in accommodations for some or all of the trip, a tour to a different area than planned, and the overall time of the tour. If any of these changes are necessary, we will inform you immediately. We will try to offer an alternative depending on the circumstances. 

10) Company Liability

According to the terms and conditions within this contract, we will make sure that services are provided as agreed upon. If you decide to claim us, the burden of proof is on you to show that we were negligent. We can only be responsible for the actions of our own employees, not those of any third-party affiliates who may be subcontracting work for us.

We CANNOT be held liable for injury, damages, or loss of any sort, not will issue compensation for any of the following reasons:

    • The actions or withheld information from anyone in your party
    • The actions or withheld information from another party traveling with you, which could not have been known or prevented by us
    • Any unforeseen circumstances as listed above

We also cannot be held liable for any damages or losses in connection with business activities. We cannot be held liable for any services that are not an explicit part of our contract, meaning activities or services that were not provided by or arranged by us. 

Many of the services, which are included within your tour, are provided by third-party affiliates or independent contractors, and they have their own terms and conditions which must be followed in addition to our policies. This applies especially to self-drive trips, where clients do sign a contract with one of our rental partners. These services that we have agreed to provide you as per your contract will be used to decide whether these services were properly executed. 

11) Delays

Flight times are merely estimates and can change quickly due to mechanical problems, weather, or other things that are beyond our control, so, therefore, we cannot be held responsible for a delayed flight. If your flight was canceled or delayed for a significant amount of time, it is the duty of the airline to make provisions for you. We cannot help assist you if you are delayed at the airport, nor can we compensate you for the inconvenience or refund your travel services. However, you may be able to obtain a partial refund for parts of a tour that you miss due to airplane delay. For these reasons, we always recommend purchasing insurance. 

12) Hazardous Situations

If you book a tour that you know will bring you into close proximity to wild animals or other natural hazardous situations, you choose this tour at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any animal attacks or other unfortunate happening that occur in an area where the threat of harm is real. In some areas, there may not be medical assistance at the ready, so please keep this in mind when booking your tour. You must follow the advice and suggestions from our local manager, in case of a self-drive trip, and/or of your guide, tour leader, lodge manager in all the other types of trips to minimize these risks. If you disobey instructions, you will be breaching your contract.

13) Medical Issues and Disabilities

Special requests may be made during the time of booking for party members with medical issues or disabilities, and we will do our best to try to accommodate. If we can grant the request, we will make a note of it on your account and on the booking form you receive. Unless the booking form has made a note of the special request, it has not been confirmed. If you receive your booking form and your request is not noted, please contact us immediately. At this time, we do not accept bookings contingent upon granting special requests. 

If there are medical issues that you or a party member has that may affect your tour, please let us know before you confirm the booking. If we cannot reasonably accommodate these issues, or we feel that the person with these issues would be unsafe on tour, we reserve the right to cancel your booking or refuse service.

14) Insurance

An adventure travel insurance is mandatory in order to protect you against fees due to cancellations, any medical reasons, lost or stolen property, and other adventure travel risks. 

At v-adventures LLC, we recommend Global Rescue: https://ss.globalrescue.com/partner/v-adventures/

You may acquire insurance with an outside company or with our company at your discretion. If you have acquired insurance with another company, please provide us with this information, including the policy number, upon making your booking. 

You are responsible for making sure that the insurance is suitable and covers any needs you may have, and will cover any activities you may participate in.

15) Formalities

Travelers shall be solely responsible for complying with the formalities required by the police, customs, health, and other authorities at the point of departure, at the destination, and whilst in transit. v-adventures LLC will endeavor to provide the client before departure, with the latest information concerning such regulations and restrictions. v-adventures LLC shall not be responsible and does not accept any liability for any inaccuracies or omissions in this regard.

Travelers may not carry any unlawful articles or substances whilst traveling in the Southern African region. Should any traveler contravene the aforesaid prohibitions, such a traveler will be responsible for his or her own repatriation and all costs associated therewith. v-adventures LLC will under no circumstance assist any such offender in any dealings or negotiations with any authority.

16) Documentation

You must be able to present a visa, passport, and a health form when you are booking one of our tours. Please note that it takes several weeks to obtain this information if you are creating a new one, so we suggest applying for one at least 6 weeks before the departure date. All party members over the age of 16 must have a passport. 

The onus is on the traveler to ensure that their passports are valid for travel and that they are in possession of valid visas for all countries being visited and that all necessary health certificates for these destinations are in order.

17) Photographs and promotional material

Photographs are intended to give an overall impression rather than details of a specific place. v-adventures shall not be held liable for any errors or omissions in any of their promotional material and travel information, publications and documentation including any such material, information, publications and documentation made available in digital or electronic media or format, or made available on the website.

Last update: June 30th, 2020