Overland Experts

We are excited to announce that we have formed a strategic partnership with OEX (Overland Experts) to provide our clients with a unique 4×4 overland travel experience, in complete safety, while embracing the spirit of discovery, taking a cultural immersion with wildlife interaction, and experience breathtaking sights infused with meaningful thrill.

By joining forces with OEX, we are confident to provide you with personalized itineraries and the most satisfying offroad experience you work so hard to enjoy. We are excited to know that we will be able to help you discover amazing places, without worrying about the logistics, while learning how to drive an offroad vehicle confidently.

As part of our partnership, during your adventure holiday, OEX will provide you with the advice and guidance on how to drive a 4×4 vehicle safely, under a methodical approach that uses repetition and careful advancement to teach mastery of all possible obstacles you may encounter during a 4×4 trip. 

Choosing OEX as a partner was an easy choice, as our companies are focused on providing unique experiences and trigger moments of friendship, passion for exploring, and love of nature.

Our joint community is growing rapidly, and we are excited to announce our first lineup of adventure travels for you. These are the itineraries, v-adventures, together with OEX, will run in 2020.

Stay tuned on our Social Media, for the updates!

USA – Death Valley, California

      • Guided OEX itinerary
      • Accommodations: B&B In San Francisco, campings in the Death Valley
      • 7 days
      • March 24th – April 1st, 2020

Botswana, Southern Africa

      • Guided OEX itinerary
      • Accommodations: lodges and campings
      • 13 days: June 2020
      • Vehicles: Toyota LandCruiser, and Hilux

Namibia, Southern Africa

      • Guided OEX itinerary
      • Accommodations: lodges and campings
      • 13 days: September 2020
      • Vehicles: Toyota LandCruiser, and Hilux

Atacama, Chile

      • Guided OEX itinerary
      • Accommodations: hostels and hotels
      • 7 days: December 2020
      • Vehicles: Toyota, and Nissan