Other countries


Africa is huge. If you have interests in other countries, please talk to us. We do have a very active network of partners, and we are able to organize for you your dream itinerary, in any country.

We have the privilege of living in this wonderful continent, and we are now eagerly visiting the best areas. We will be happy to plan itineraries for our guests in the following areas as well:

    • Mojave Road
    • White Pacific Rim
    • The Utah Traverse
    • The Continental Divide
    • The TAT (Trans America Trail)
    • Dalton Highway
    • Washington Backcountry Discovery Route
    • Magruder Road Corridor
    • El Camino Del Diablo
    • Whipsaw Trail, British Columbia
    • Salta (Argentina)
    • Bolivia
    • The legendary Atacama desert in Chile

One of the best-kept secrets in the United States. An overland tour through Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine is a unique experience. The colors during the foliage (September/October) are amazing, the coastline is as spectacular as it can be, and during the winter time (January and February), exploring the trails with the snowmobile is a unique experience. Furthermore, if you would like to move to the next curve, and improve your driving skills, we will be pleased to pair your stay in New England with a professional 4×4 advanced driving training. Our partners are the official trainers for the FBI, the CIA, and the United States Marine Corps.

The company founders are from Italy, and their origins are from a fascinating corner of the European Alps. While our focus and expertise are on Africa, we also organize self-drive adventures in Europe as well. The high mountain ridge that is the borderline between Northern Italy and continental Europe, with an average altitude of 10,000 ft, in Winter is covered by snow and glaciers. In Summer, more than 600 mi of the old World War II gravel roads is accessible for 4×4 vehicles and brave mountain bikers. These dirt trails twist around the famous summits, such as the Matterhorn, the Mt Blanc, the Dolomites, and hidden steep valleys with stunning landscapes. Last but not least, every night our overland teams can enjoy the genuine Italian dinners.

If you have a big project in mind, you are an experienced overlander, and you want to get together with us and use our services to organize your expedition, we will be pleased to help, and even join you if you would like to do so.